Thursday, July 23, 2015

Some thoughts...

I have been feeling a need, lately, to share my feelings on a topic that is both controversial and extremely important to me.  It is the topic of abortion.  I didn't necessarily feel a quick facebook post, or "share" (though I have seen many videos that made an impact on me via fb*) were the best venues for me to adequately express my feelings such a sensitive topic, so I thought I would post here.  This way, anyone who does not wish to read my views can choose not to.

Because of my fundamental beliefs, that human life should only be given and taken by God, I have always found abortion inherently wrong.  The term "pro choice" has always bothered me. Typically it is used as the opposite of "pro life".  That bothers me. I am a HUGE advocate of a women making their own choices.  Yet I am "pro life".  Let me explain.

To my way of thinking, the time for the woman to make her "choice" is when she is deciding wether or not to become intimately involved with someone.**  THAT is the time for her to make her choice.  What I do not support is a woman "choosing" to alter the consequences of her actions.

Think of it--is that the natural order of things?  When we make choices, we are essentially choosing the consequences.  For example, if I choose to stay up late, I am choosing to possibly be tired the next day.  If I choose to not apply sunblock, I am choosing to possibly be sunburned.  I cannot choose to stay up late, and expect that there will not be a consequence to that choice.  That would be ridiculous.
Why, then, as humans with experience in making choices and receiving consequences, would we ever presume that we can make a decision and erase any natural consequences that may occur?  ESPECIALLY when it's ramifications are as important as taking a human life?  If a woman chooses to become intimate with someone, she is choosing the consequence to possibly become pregnant.

I realize this post might not align someone's way of thinking to my way of thinking, but this was an instance where I felt a need to put my understanding and feelings out there and let everyone know where I stand on this.  I feel like this is not just a political issue, but a human issue.  One that affects many, not just one.

*this is one of the videos I watched that affected me greatly:

**Obviously if intercourse is not consensual on the part of the woman, that is a completely different situation--one that also requires increased sensitivity and care.

Monday, June 30, 2014


June was the month of graduations--and not just for our big-shot kindergartners, but for the young women in our ward, too!  We were so excited for school to be out that we began making plans to play near the river and to visit Nana's house with cousins.  Of course we had to eat at Jack's while there with one of our very favorite couples.  We also celebrated the return home of our nephew, Mitchell from his mission to Hungary.  One of the highlights of our June was that we were able to travel to Utah to attend the Stutz family reunion.  More on that to come!

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Our May was full of sunshine, lots of good day-dates, a kite festival, a father/son campout, dress-up, a kindergarten performance, the baptism of a friend, a school carnival, transitioning Graham to a 'big boy bed', and a trip to the bay area to see my best friend's baby blessed.  It really was such a full, and very fun month.  We feel so blessed to have such great people and opportunities in our lives!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


April was an enjoyable month!  We took the opportunity to visit family in Utah over spring break, which is always enjoyable.  Graham discovered a love for the "jumpoline" and Jordan and I discovered a love for Utah's Wafflelove.  We also got to meet/snuggle cute babies and play with cousins while there!  In other April news, Avery had surgery to have tubes put in her ears.  She did very well with the recovery and we are hopeful that it will take care of the trouble she was having with hearing well.  We also celebrated Easter with Nana who came for a visit.  What a blessing it is to have a knowledge and testimony of Christ's resurrection!  I am reminded of just how special that blessing is every time I visit my dad.   

Monday, March 31, 2014


March brought with it a friend's pirate party, a trip to Folsom, lots of fun date nights, visits to the children's museum, lots of napping, and warmer weather--thank goodness!  We were so excited to see the sun again in the spring! We are also super grateful to live just minutes away from the Reno LDS temple!  We have a family tradition of walking the grounds on Sunday afternoons.  It is always a nice reminder of what is truly important in this life.  Hooray for March!