Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey You!

... yeah you! Happy 26th birthday!
We love you to bits.
Your girls

Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet Our NICU Family...

This is Lindsay... she watched our girls on a number of occasions. She was a mother of two, expecting her third when this picture was taken. She said that she enjoyed looking after the girls because she and I had the exact same due date, so as the girls would grow, she could compare them to her unborn baby. We love you Lindsay, and hope you are enjoying your new baby!
This is Launa. She is the mother of one grown son. I was able to meet him at the hospital one day, and he was very nice young man. She watched the girls often, and I appreciated her attentiveness to our needs. She was the one who showed us around the 5th floor...ie. the parent room, pump room, milk freezer etc. We miss you Launa!
This is Erica. We love Erica for her sweet disposition. Jordan and I often wondered "Is it possible that someone could be so kind and cheerful ALL of the time?" Erica was fun to chat with because she and her husband are young married students just like us, so we had a lot in common. Before we left the NICU we learned that they are expecting their first baby! We hope all is going well with the pregnancy Erica!
This is Jamee. Jamee, Jamee, Jamee...We had such fun with her! Jamee was one who helped us gain confidence as new parents. Often she would encourage us to roll up our sleeves and do the cares... and if we seemed a little hesitant or nervous about our inexperience, she would assure us that we would be fine. She was also one of those rare people that understood, and even appreciated Jordan's unique sense of humor:) She also told us that she was expecting her first baby before we left the NICU! So exciting--good luck Jamee!
These are just a few of the wonderful nurses who made our little corner of the NICU feel like home those first few months. We also want to thank Carly, Becky, Chris, and all of the other nurses who took such good care of us! Mom Stutz once made the very insightful observation that while we spent much of our time praying for the well being of our girls those months, it was through our sweet nurses that Heavenly Father answered those prayers. How do you properly thank someone for taking such good care of your children in a way that you are unable to? We aren't quite sure, but we want you to know how grateful we are. We miss you guys:)