Tuesday, May 25, 2010

he's got me locked in...

every morning before jordan leaves at 5:30 in the am (yawn) for work, we say prayers and then i hear him leave out the front door through my half-asleep grog. right after the door closes, i hear the lock turn from the outside. he takes the time to lock the girls and i in before heading to work.
now, i am not naive to the fact that if a robber or kidnapper really wanted to intrude, a locked door wouldn't stop them, but there is just something about this simple act that is just so incredibly romantic to me. that he even thinks to stop and lock us in before leaving, just makes me feel safe... and good.
this is just a small example of the unconventional romance that i am able to find in every day. sure, it is always lovely to receive flowers or go on fancy get-a-ways, but the times i feel jordan has really swept me off of my feet are through his quiet and constant acts of service and love.
i love that he always takes the babies during the night-shift no matter what. he has done this from the start. even though he is the one who has to be up and out so early every morning, he usually hears them and jumps up to be with them before i even hear a peep. in extension of this he usually lets me sleep in on the weekends too. on saturday and sunday mornings, he is usually up with the girls at around 6:30, and i don't hear a sound until i wake up at about 7:30 because he has closed our door and tried to keep the girls as quiet as possible.
when he comes home exhausted from work at about 3:00, i love how he finds extra energy to play with his girls, and make dinner while i attend my evening classes at school. it is such a huge relief to know that if i can't be home with the girls, jordan makes an effort so he can be.
i love how he is always willing to help out, whenever i ask him to. he does dishes, gives the girls baths, folds laundry, gives foot rubs, mops...he does anything he can to make my "job" easier. he also makes my well-being a priority to him. he will ask "do you need to go get a massage?" "would you like to go lie down for a bit?" "why don't i take the girls for a walk while you finish your homework?"
i know there many good husbands like this, but there are also many who are not. how in the world i got so lucky, i am not quite sure...but i am just so glad i did...