Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

charlie brown, jeans, and new tricks...

avery woke up this morning with this cute little hair do......and it reminded me of someone...
from the scary hair in back, right down to the one strand acting as a bang in front...she had her impression perfected right down to the last detail.
also, what is it about babies in jeans that make them look so grown up?

put these same babies in a onesie and a pair of stretchy pants, and they go back to looking like infants...isn't it strange what denim can do?
as for new tricks, well, miss avery has learned to crawl, and while we are excited that she has hit this milestone, we are not excited about having to worry about choking hazards and trying to keep homework out of her reach. tilly is not crawling just yet, but claps and babbles as if all the world is listening. sorry baby, just your old mom. she is also very agile at stealing things from her more mobile sister, which can be pretty hilarious at times. and, my personal favorite... dancing. yes, they both dance. well, i guess its more like a rock when they are sitting or on their tummies...but it still cracks us up. if they hear any type of music, they go on auto-pilot and start rocking. isn't it neat that we are born with that inate desire to dance to music? love it.
in other news, i have gone back to school this semester. jordan works an early shift from 6:30-2:30 so that he can be home with the girls while i go to evening classes. even though i would much rather be spending my evenings with my little family, so far it seems pretty manageable, and i keep telling myself "just another year, and you're done. you can do it!" i do love my program though, and my classes have proven to be a good outlet for some "adult time." we'll keep you posted as more new tricks begin to emerge!