Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the obligatory halloween post...

we had such a fun halloween weekend this year! to kick things off, on friday the girls and i went to a cute little pumpkin patch in pleasant grove with our good friends rebecca and carlee and their little gentlemen. what's more, emlyn and millie came down to join us. despite the freezing cold temperature (and yes, it did snow on us), we had a fun time looking at animals and catching up with friends.
avery giving me the i-can't-believe-you-are-pushing-me-around-in-a stroller-when-it's-this-cold-outside look.

tilly trying to keep warm...
i absolutely LOVE this little shot i snapped of these two pals, john-o and reid, near the rabbit cage

cute little millie donned her fairy princess costume on our little outing...
these goats seemed very desperate for food... they are probably eye-ing the babies in this shot as a potential meal.
that night we went to our ward's annual halloween party/ chili cook-off. we have such clever people in our ward-- the costumes were a hoot! and the chili buffet never disappoints! we went with a doctor seuss theme this year. jordan was mr. brown, i was a star-bellied sneetch, and the girls were, of course, thing 1 and thing 2...our little ladies ended up winning the "funniest costume" award at the party which could be considered a feat, if you had seen the other set of twins in our ward who made the most adorable mario and luigi. unfortunately, i cannot take credit for coming up with this costume idea however... it was inspired by these fun onesies the girls received from their aunt jana on their birthday...saturday we had a busy day, packed with fun. in the early evening we went to jeremy & emlyn's house in slc where the girls got to take place in a parade of costumes. it was so neat-- the police blocked off the neighborhood streets, and a city fire engine led the parade while the neighborhood kids and parents followed--in addition to this, all of the neighbors sit along the street to pass out candy making it a very fun and effective way to trick-or-treat. too bad the girls are still too young for candy:(

we got lots of cute shots of the girls that night-- the weather was GORGEOUS!

to top off the night, we went to grandma & grandpa stutz's to see all of the cousins in their costumes. whatta great weekend it was!