Monday, June 29, 2009


"yeah, i'm twenty-six-- so what?"

so, my birthday was last sunday, but we partied all weekend really. it was terrific! to kick things off, my adorable visiting teacher, who has plans to become a pastry chef (lucky me, right?!) made me this darling little cake.not only was it cute, but completely delicious. we had been snacking on it the week leading up to the event itself.
on thursday there was a knock at the door... and wouldn't you know it, those sweet little girls of mine each sent me a bouquet of these lovely peruvian lillies. they know just what i like:)on saturday we made plans to go to the new oquirrh mountain temple open house. it was a beautiful experience, made even better by gorgeous weather and heavenly girls. we are so blessed to have so many temples nearby!that afternoon we went to red robin and shared my free birthday burger. it was yummy, and just the right amount of food. when we returned home, jordan put himself in sole charge of the girls so that i could take a nap-- it was much needed, and appreciated! jordan also surprised me with this:to be honest, i wasn't sure that i should keep it-- because i already have a perfectly good digital camera. but friends and family quickly convinced me that it will be a great tool in documenting our family history-- so i think i'll keep it:) that evening, jordan's brother and his wife watched the girls so that we could go to dinner and a movie. we went to this great brazilian bbq house (and re-learned the meaning of the term gluttony), and then went to a 7pm showing of "up." it was such a fun day. thank you nate and jai for watching the rug rats!
on sunday, jordan's family had us over to celebrate. yummy food and tons of family-- it doesn't get much better than that.
avery agrees... just look at her eyeing uncle ben's cake...
cute nieces and nephews playing in grandma and grandpa's sand box

avery tugging on uncle nate's beard-- she and tilly have this guy wrapped around their little fingers

i absolutely love these pictures of cousin kisses...

pure delight.
mommy and avery in the shade...

little tilly with dad.

yes indeed, it has been a great start to my 26th year. thanks again to all those who sent birthday wishes my way and made it memorable!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

we just love this guy...

google kind, loving, faithful, hard-working, good-humored, generous, very handsome, very smart, and a little bit nerdy, and this guy just may pop up. it takes a special guy to put up with three girls who can all be a little demanding at times:) we love you jordan, and we are so happy to have you as the father of our family! happy father's day!

your girls

Thursday, June 18, 2009

baby giggles...

is there anything sweeter?

tilly's love affair with ketchup...

Monday, June 15, 2009

memorial day...

so i realize that memorial day was some time ago... but we have such cute shots of the girls from that day we thought we'd better share. it was a fun, low key day spent with family. we met up with two of jordan's brothers and their families at ikea for free breakfast, and then headed over to the children's discovery gateway museum-- a lot like the exploratorium but smaller. after that we headed to jeremy and emlyn's for a bbq. it was so much fun!
family shot on the second floor
jordan wishing this climbing wall was a little bit bigger and more challenging
they had this really cute indoor farm that you could 'play on'. here's jordan and the girls mounted atop a horse
avery and matilda hanging out in the chicken coop

jordan and avery as news anchors
they had a little station where you could decorate your own hats-- i believe uncle nate made theirs to say baby 1 and baby 2
tilly swinging at the bbq
and avery gets a turn too!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

post number 6...

another highlight of our trip to california was the fun 'meet & greet' brunch lindsey and chrissie threw for the girls. since we never were able to have the shower that was planned prior to the girls' arrival, we thought it would be fun for everyone to come and meet the chubby little ones for themselves, now that they are pictures of health. added bonus that i was able to see all of my dear friends and family from the area, and all in one spot. thanks girls--the party was a smash!

chrissie and lindsey-- the little darlings responsible...

tilly, just chilling.
avery and aunt linds. note: tilly is wearing the outfit i had originally put on the girls. however avery, in true form, decided to have a poopy blow-out the instant the party started, so we had to open a gift and put her in it. talk about embarassing... sorry again cute shauna boyce for catching some of the after math on your blouse:)
opening gifts and cards-- we are so blessed to know the wonderful and caring people we do!
the adorable cupcake favors.
chrissie's talents in jazzing up an already beautiful backyard displayed...
my dear friend dianna boyce... we met while serving in a relief society presidency together-- a true kindred friend.
two of my favorite people... sure we got into a lot of shenanigans as high schoolers, but pretty much all of my best stories from those days involve these two girlies...
lisa and laura--as mentioned above, lisa and i were extrememly tight in highschool, making laura somewhat of a second mom. she is the coolest...

yes, we had a wonderful time. thanks again to all those who made it! it was so great to see all of you!