Thursday, July 10, 2008


So...... remember how I posted that our ultra sound wouldn't be until the 17th? Well apparently there was a misunderstanding-- our apt. was actually set for TODAY! (I am so glad that I called to confirm when I did because otherwise we would have missed it!) Anyway, yet again the two peanuts were being somewhat uncooperative in giving us a good shot of the goods... until towards the end of the ultra sound, the nurse got the most perfect shot of the two sitting side by side, rump down-- and there was "nothing" there! Yep, we are having girls and we are so excited! We are already enjoying the never-ending supply of hand-me-downs coming our way. We are truly blessed... now to come up with not one, but two cute names....any ideas?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baptisms, Blessings, the 4th, and "Doublets"...

Gosh, what a whirlwind this last week has been! On Tuesday afternoon, Jordan and I set out for yet another mini-vacation to California. We drove a rental car big enough to haul all the baby stuff (crib, etc.) Mom and Lindsey had been collecting for us, back to Utah. We got in late Tuesday night and crashed on an air mattress in the family room. On Wednesday we attended our neice Annie's baptism. I cannot believe that little girl is 8-- and still just as sassy as I remember:) It was good to see friends and family who had not seen "the belly" yet. I kept telling everyone that my tummy felt really big for not even being 5 months yet, but my sister assured me that when you are pregnant, you always feel bigger than you really are.
Thursday was an exciting day! My mom works as a receptionist for a mobile ultra-sound company, and was able to set up and appointment for one of the techs to come over and tell us what "kind" of baby I am having. We were so excited to find out-- not to mention, Lindsey had an arsenal of girl clothes she wanted to send with us if it was a girl. Anyway, we were in my mom's room on her bed, and about a minute into it the tech asks "how many babies are you expecting?" "Just one." I replied. She continued looking around and after a while she said..." I don't mean to alarm you, but I am seeing two babies" WHAT?!! Sure enough, as she kept prodding around with the scope, there was two of everything! I could not believe my ears or my eyes! My great grandpa on my mom's side was a twin, but never in a million years did I think I would be having twins. No wonder my belly felt so huge! We were so shocked, but very excited! Anyway, the sweet tech tried and tried to get a shot of the "goods" so that we could still find out the gender, but to no avail. At one point they were spooning (which was so adorable), in another shot they were rump to rump-- yeah, totally uncooperative. Jordan and I were like "great... they are already non compliant." Anyway, I will be going in on the 17th for my actual 20 week ultra sound, so hopefully we will find out more then. In the meantime, we are still trying to digest the news that there are two babies, and not just one.
That same day I went to visit the Bahouths-- a family I used to work for in California. We were eager to see the kids, Jordan especially because I had been back not to long ago babysitting them for that week in April. Anyway, cute Talmage, who is 6, hadn't seen my big belly yet. So his mom asked him "Talmage, do you know why Maci's tummy is so big? What's in there?" He replied "It's a little child" (it was so cute, I wish you could have heard it in his voice). Then I said, "It's not just one little child, it's two. Do you know what that's called when there are two babies?" He said "Doublets!" It was so hilarious-- we got such a kick out of it. So these babies will no longer be called the twins, but the doublets, thanks to Talmage:).
The next day was the Fourth of July. That morning my nieces Annie, Mia, and Afton all participated in the neighborhood-wide kid parade. It was very cute. They all decorated their bikes, Afton was in a wagon, and rode around the neighborhood. That evening we went to our friends the Grayson's house for swimming and a BBQ. We totally hit the right spot because the pool temp. was perfect and for some reason I couldn't get enough bratwurst-- it was delicious, and totally what my body wanted--when cravings, for me, are still rare! They also gave us quite the fireworks show and the end of the night!
Saturday morning, Mom, Linds, and I went garage sale-ing. It was fun, and I found some much needed baby items. We had a good time. That night was low key--just swam and had some yummy pizza.
On Sunday my friends Chrissie and Jason blessed their baby boy, Ellis. He looked soo adorable. After the fun event we went to their house for a yummy brunch, and then set off to make the long drive home.
It was such a fun trip, and I hope that we will be able to do it again soon-- although we are going to have our hands full for the next little while, so I am not sure when that will happen:). I will update  once we find out the gender of our doublets... it's only a week away!