Friday, February 27, 2009

ladies and gentlemen...we have a diagnosis.....

so, i am not going to take the time to post the ENTIRE story now because, well, i'm exhausted. but i did want to post a small petition for your prayers. our poor little avery has the croup:( she was admitted into american fork hospital on wednesday night, and we expect to be there at least a couple of more days. she does better for the first little while after each treatment, but then her breathing becomes somewhat labored again so we are just waiting this thing out. anyway, as far as we know it's nothing too serious, but serious enough for hospitalization, which is why we are once again asking our dear friends and family to keep us in your very faithful prayers. it has been hard to watch avery have any sort of discomfort, but i think the hardest part of it all so far is that our family has been two halves the last couple of days. matilda, who is healthy, can't be around sister so one of us has been at the hospital with avers, and the other at home with tilly. i'm sure the sisters miss each other just as much as jordan and i miss each other--for right now we are a tag team:) anyway, like i said, i will probably post the whole story later...but we just wanted to keep you in the is avery looking scrumptious in her blessing outfit...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentimes Day

From our little Sweethearts!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The last couple of months in pictures...

Okay, so I have been a complete blog-slacker the last little while...It's can be so hard to find the time. Usually when the girls are sleeping, I try to nap or clean house etc., and when Jordan is home, I usually just hand a baby off on him so I that can cook dinner one-handed. No time I tell ya! However, today I am making an exception, and throwing up some pictures on this thing during nap time, just so you know that we are all alive and well:)This is the very minimal decorating the girls and I did for Jordan's birthday. Unfortunately he had school and work that day, so he was just as busy as ever with no real time for relaxation. That weekend we drove up to the aquarium in Sandy to celebrate only to find a sign on the door saying they closed early! Boo. We are planning on trying again this weekend.
Avery and Matilda's first-ever outing was to Grandma and Grandpa Stutz' house--they are affectionately known as "the Grandudes." They are so sweet, and genuinely amazing people. One of those couples that has an arsenal of life experiences that leave you wondering how they fit them all into their years! Here is Grandpa and Avery...
And Grandma and Tilly.
These are our friend the Micheners. They used to live next door to us, and were the neighbors we could depend on for anything--cup of sugar, etc. Not too long ago they graduated and moved to Virginia beach for work. They came back for a visit and to bless their adorable baby boy Ethan. It was so fun to see them again--we missed you guys!
Matilda and Avery sporting their darling little sweater ensembles compliments of our dear friend Kari:)

Tilly enjoying some "Daddy time."
Tilly and Avery during a happy moment.
Okay, these little winter suits crack us up. My mom got them for the girls for this winter, and every time we put them on , they transform into little stuffed animals, or dolls or something. Hilarious.
...and finally, some blessing pictures.  I love the above picture mostly because of the range of emotion in the two faces. They are so funny!
And of course, the obligatory family pic. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the slide show. We are still getting used to having our little ones home. It is stressful at times, but more often than not, just enjoyable. Jordan is also in the midst of his last semester (woohoo!!), so we are spending a lot of our time job hunting as well. Wish us luck!