Thursday, May 29, 2008

Early Pregnancy...

Okay so I just have a few things to say about early pregnancy (in hopes that things will get better in the future)... it is such strange experience. Like, I'm really not myself these days. For instance, the only foods I ever crave (which is a rare occurrence these days anyway) is something nasty that I wouldn't dream of eating otherwise. I have been known to have hankerings for taco bell mexican pizzas and top ramen of all things! It's insane. Why am I never in the mood for something delicious and nutritionally dense? Cafe Rio--why not you? Another strange thing is the extreme sensitivity of my senses. Never have lights seemed so bright, voices seemed so loud, burnt food smelled so strong-- it's crazy. The worst part is my aversion to Jordan. My poor husband who slaves away waiting on me absolutely revolts me these days... it is so sad:(. It's mostly his smell (which is strange because that's usually something I love most about him)... he will want to come give me a hug or something, but it won't last for 3 seconds before I have to tell him to go away because I might be sick.  Pregnancy has definitely rocked our worlds, but we know that in a strange way, this is preparing us for things to come.  We know that having a child will change things--a lot! So, although it's hard, we are grateful for the lessons Heavenly Father has taught us during this time.  

Thursday, May 15, 2008


FINALLY--something exciting to announce!
We're having a baby! We found out a couple of weeks before I went to California, but were a little apprehensive to announce it before I was safely through my first trimester. Well, I am on my 12th week, and we just went in today and heard the heartbeat for the first time! What an amazing blessing this is-- we could not be more thrilled! Although I have to admit, pregnancy has been rough!  I am always nauseous, and pretty helpless and demanding (sorry, Jordan!)   But, ) we are so excited to have this new addition to our family, it makes it all worth it. So if there are any calls I have not returned or visits I have missed...hopefully you won't be too angry with me...We're expecting Stutz Jr. at the end of November:)