Thursday, March 17, 2011

some things i love...

-taking a tasty family nap on the weekends
-watching the girls run over to the front window so they can watch the "garbag guck" drive by on monday mornings
-going on dates with my favorite guy (and beating him at mini-golf:)
-freshly mopped kitchen floors
-reading good books
-taking walks with my family
-watching the girls fold their chubby little arms for prayer and tell each other to shush
-hearing the front door open at 3pm when jordan gets home from work
-listening to my girls singing in the other room
-going to nursery (this is our calling in our ward and we are having a ball)
-taking a few quiet moments in the mornings to read the scriptures and pray
-finding a swimsuit online that might actually work
-helping people feel better through massage
-painting mini toe nails
and much, much more:)