Monday, July 4, 2011

guys, stuff is happening...

i just stink at blogging about it. also, if you haven't already heard, we are expecting a little bambino in january, so i haven't felt like doing much of anything lately. we went in last friday and had the dr. make SURE that there was only one kidlet before we moved all of the doubles we have of baby stuff (crib, car seat, double stroller...). now we get to leave all of that stuff here, in a good new home.
anyway, we are excited about the new changes that await us. obviously, the new baby is our most exciting, but also on the list? well, we will be moving to reno this month. on the 21st to be exact. jordan and i flew out a couple of weekends ago to look for places, and we found a cute little home just east of campus, which is perfect since jordan's building is even on the east side. if you are interested, below is a little link with some pictures of our new place:
660 Maddux
it will be an adjustment moving from jordan's parent's spacious house to a much smaller one, but we are just grateful that we found something! and that it was a single family home with somewhat of a yard. after having a yard, i doubt i will ever be able to go back to apartment living. i just enjoy the outdoor living space too much.
so, we will be out there approximately one month before jordan needs to be on campus, which will be nice. we can get ourselves nice and settled, and acquainted with the city before i'm pretty much on my own. i have to say that while i am excited to open this new chapter in our lives, i am a little nervous about it. i am going to miss jordan, like A LOT. we have been super spoiled with his dreamy work schedule these last couple years--and we will really miss having him around as much. but people have done grad school and lived and we will do it, and everything will be fine. AND, at least i will have my little buddies there to help me and entertain me. they really are my best little friends, and i feel so blessed to be able to take them with me on this adventure. plus, we will only be 2 hours away from my family, so that will be a nice change.
anyway, happy fourth everyone! hopefully you are doing something fabulous with those you love. what better way to celebrate freedom?!