Saturday, August 31, 2013


What a wonderful summer it has been!  We have spent most of our days playing the pool, eating ice cream, frequenting parks and Lake Tahoe, and meeting up with friends.  The girls also mastered riding their bikes this summer, which was awesome!!  We also enjoyed a trip to Utah for our annual Stutz family reunion, as well as a Graham family get together to celebrate birthdays in Tahoe.  But besides that, it truly has been a lazy and low-key summer.  And just perfect in my opinion!


Every time my children celebrate a birthday I want to laugh and cry at the same time.  I am excited for the new milestones and added independence that comes with each new year; yet each birthday is a reminder that they are growing--and there goes one more year of their childhood that we will never get back.  I hope that they find their childhood is as wonderful and magical as I think they are.
Our twinners turned 5 on the 30th.  The night before, Jordan and I went on a date to pick up some birthday surprises for the next day.  It was so fun to hear the squeals of delight as the girls woke up to a room filled with balloons (their favorite!)!  They opened presents in their jammies, and we had a yummy breakfast together.  We also had a low-key, sort of "thrown together" party with friends at the park that morning (because I am an awesome/prepared mom like that;).  We ate pizza, cupcakes, and played and played.
This is going to be a big year for the girls as they will  be starting Kindergarten.  We are excited for them to meet this new adventure head on--and fortunately, with a friend by their side!  We just love these little girlies and their individual personalities, and we are so glad they are ours!