Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two of a kid's favorite things...


and milk and cookies.

 And these babies are our two favorite things!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We're Home!

Woohoo! After 81 days in the seemed like the day would never come--but it did! The last couple of nights have been kind of rough as we have had to stay the night in the hospital with the girls and "prove" ourselves. Matilda is still on oxygen and a monitor, so they wanted to make sure we felt comfortable with all of the equipment before turning us loose. We were discharged yesterday at about 12pm, and took the girls on their first van-ride to our house! We are so happy to be all together at home. Anyway, I hope to post lots more pictures and news soon... but in attempt to take the good advice I have been given on a number of occasions... While they are napping, I will nap:) Thanks again for all of the continued love, prayers, and support-- I will let everyone know when visitors are welcome!

p.s. and a whopping THANK YOU to all those who took care of our girls in the hospital-- we will have a post dedicated to you in the future!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

One Tube Less!

Okay, so this is kind of a strange post... but we have just been so excited this week, as Matilda and Avery have been able to lessen their facial hardware! Yep, they have both been on room air this week, and are generally doing well. They have had a few "swings," as they call them, here and there... but we are so proud of them! Our next feat is to get rid of their nasal feeding tubes, and then they will be real-life babies!
Sleepy Matilda... she is such a doll!
Avery and her all-too-frequently-seen "stop blasting me in the eyes with the camera flash" scowl..sorry Avery, we just can't help're too cute! She had previously sneezed out her feeding tube, so we just had to get a shot of her cute little face before they put it back in.
Matilda & Avery

When I peeked in on them during one of my visits, this is how they were sleeping--so cute! I just love how they don't mind being in each other's space. One of the nurses said that once, when she peeked in, Matilda's hand was in Avery's mouth and Avery was just sucking away!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkins and punkins...

We hope everyone had a very happy Halloween! We had a good time dressing up the girls and celebrating a holiday devoted to candy:) Anyway, those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting my husband know that he is a big kid at heart. So, we carved our jack-o-lantern after one of his favorite cartoon characters--Aang from "The Avatar."(Which is a really entertaining show if you are looking for a new, clean series to watch:)

We also put up these scary silhouettes that mom brought us-- I know what you're thinking...'terrifying'...:) What makes them special is that my mom has had these same silhouettes up in her kitchen window during Halloween ever since I was a wee trick-or-treater. Lindsey found the exact same ones, and bought them for me. It was fun to relive that little memory...
These cute buckets were given to the girls by the hospital's parent support group. They are so sweet... they leave fun little treats for us and the girls every week!
Here they are! The picture you have all been waiting for! Our little punkins...while Mom was here she found these cute Halloween onesies. As you can see, the girls did a brilliant job of making them look simply adorable--the nurses were commenting on our very cute pumpkin and ghost all day:)

Matilda & Avery
Mmmm... yummy girls. Here we are giving them a kiss goodnight before putting them back in bed:)
Goodnight girls! Jordan and I spent the rest of the evening eating candy, visiting Uncle Nate and Aunt Jai's spooky house, and watching Young Frankenstein. It was a fun holiday for us--very low key... I have a feeling we should appreciate it now while the girls are small and don't care what their costumes look like and how much candy they get:)