Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

yeah, it's been a good summer....

we have packed quite a lot in the last month and a half--which is good since jordan started school this week and we won't be seeing him until decemeber. despite feeling tired and lousy most days (i am not good at being pregnant), we have had lots of fun and made a lot of memories. forgive me for only listing the events--i just wanted to make sure i had something down to chronicle everything:
-we spent as much time as possible with our "utah" family before our big move. we frequented "the peaks" (a term you would only understand if you are on the inside) with our season passes, and went camping with the snarr/van orden gang. i attended my cute cousin's wedding reception in sundance which made for a mini erickson family reunion. we also partied hard with the stutzes at our annual stutz family reunion up ogden canyon. yes, we had a blast with all of these lovely people, however i am loser-y and didn't snap a single shot of these blessed occasions. i was just having too much fun i guess.
-we moved! at the end of july we packed our little moving truck and hauled everything to the exotic land of reno, nv. we are really happy here. the more we explore the city, the more we like it. plus, our little rental house is adorable, and our ward is awesome!

-the weekend after we were settled in (thanks again to my fam, including bestie chrissie;) for all their hard work) we made the trek to seaside, oregon for the erickson family reunion (mom's side). even though the drive was excrutiating and our kids pretty much hated our guts for making them be in the car for not one, but two car trips over 8 hrs within one week, it was absolutely gorgeous and the trip was well worth it. what is it about seeing and being with family that you haven't seen in ages? magical. our beach house digs weren't too shabby either. jordan and i decided that we would be fine with waking up to the sound and view of the ocean for the rest of our lives....you know, if it comes to that.

-when we returned from seaside, we decided that we really like vacationing and we haven't had enough of it, so we went to king's beach at lake tahoe on a saturday. it was packed, but that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves. i always forget how massive and absolutely breath-taking lake tahoe is. you would honestly think you were at the ocean if it weren't for those mountains closing in the water in the far distance. close to lake tahoe=definite perk to living in reno.

-the next weekend we traveled the short 2 hrs (yay!) to see my family in folsom. we had fun sitting around, relaxing, swimming at our friend's house, and eating. while we were there we also had a tech from my mom's work see if she could find out what kind of baby we were having, like the last time i was 18 weeks along. anyway, it turned out pretty inconclusive, but her best guess is that it is a girl. more on that after my dr. appt. on the 8th.
-just this last weekend we celebrated the girls' 3rd birthday while my mom was in town for a spell. my brother jesse and his fam also came to visit so the girls could have some cousins to play with in honor of their big day. i can't believe those little rascals are 3 already. although they are quite hilarious at this age, it saddens me that their "babyhood" is basically over. we sure love our girls, and we know they are going to make great big sisters. my mom brought them some dishes and chef wear to open for their little kitchen and boy were they thrilled. they were totally annoyed with us for trying to snap shots of them in their hats, when all they really wanted to do is go play...like their birthday is all about them or something...we also went to chuck e cheese with my mom the day of, and pretty much spent a couple of hours and a chunk of change trying to convince them to go on the cute little coin-operated kid rides. they weren't having it, and we could not figure out what the problem was since they were fearless on all of the disneyland rides. but of course, when we were out of tokens and it was time to go, all they wanted to do was ride the rides. ugh. good thing they are so darn cute;)

anyway, that about wraps it up. we really did have a great summer and the best part was jordan not having to work for like a month and a half of it. but now school has started and so has the madness. wish us luck!