Friday, July 16, 2010

about me?

i know. i hardly ever write a post solely dedicated to me and what i am doing. and there is good reason for that-- i think jordan and the girls are way more interesting to write and read about:) but i felt it necessary to inform you all of my goings on this time in an effort to show you why this blog is so neglected. i feel my reasons are good, and excusable, but still. some people may be wondering....

as most of you know i am currently in the byu special education program, with an emphasis in teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities. as much as i miss being away from home, i have really loved the program and have made some life-long friends throughout my experience. however, as it is the summer before i graduate, my fellow students and i are undergoing the rigorous regiment that is "summer practicum." in this practicum, we test students to find their ability levels, place them in groups according to those levels, and begin teaching those groups. for the last 5 weeks, and for the next 2 still to come, my schedule has been as follows:
5:30 wake up and shower
6-6:30 girls wake up--feed them, get them clothed
7:30 drop girls off at my sisters and drive to school
7:45-8:30 prepare for the day
8:30-11:45 teach my group of 7 students (who i love!)
11:45-1:00 meet with mentor teacher and prepare for the next day
1:00 pick up girls
3:00 jordan gets home
and on mon/wed 3:30-7:00 go to special ed law class
now, this was totally overwhelming at the start. not to mention, in the first few weeks of practicum, i was called to teach relief society (which i also love!). i kind of had that feeling of being spread so thin that i was just doing the bare minimum of everything and not really excelling in anything; teacher, r.s. teacher, mom, wife, house-keeper, visiting teacher...etc. know the feeling ladies?

but, about a week and a half into practicum i realized some changes would have to be made to make it all work. so, instead of using my time at school in the morning to prepare for the day of, i now have a system where i can use that time to prepare for the next day--leaving me free to go home at 1 with everything for the next day done. that has helped a ton! although i still feel a little behind in everything, i do feel like i am making some headway. all i have to say is i am grateful for an awesome family, and the power of prayer. they have helped me through so much!

in the fall, i will be student teaching at amelia earhart elementary in provo, and i am so excited. i am excited to continue practicing teaching, but probably more so to graduate and be a full-time mom again to my girls. i have missed them so much through all of this! anyway, those are the fun and exciting things happening in my case you were wondering. also, does anyone feel like writing a research paper about "no child left behind"? let me know...