Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blessing the Bebes...

Cute picture courtesy of Emily, cute hats courtesy of Aunt Lauren--thanks girls:)

Okay, so I AM sending announcements... don't fret. I am just completely behind. Don't be surprised if they show up extremely late :). This has been quite the holiday season due to a last minute trip to California for my grandfather's funeral. The girls did great with all of the traveling, but all of our schedules are now completely thrown off. Hopefully things will return to normal soon, but again, I am sorry for the tardiness of the announcements. (You'll see why all of the apologizing when they arrive:)

However, I do want to announce that we will be blessing the girls on January 4th at our ward building. Anyone who would like to attend is, of course, welcome.

The address of the church is:
1005 S 500 W Provo, UT 84601
Sacrament meeting will begin at 12:10

Can't wait to see you there!

p.s. If you would like to look at more pictures from the girls' photo shoot, please visit friend Emily's amazing photography blog,


kelsey said...

i mean.....this is the cutest picture!! i'm so jealous raquel got to meet the girls!!

Naomi said...

They are adorable! I can't wait to meet them! Unfortunetly won't be able to make the blessing we have another one to go to. I am sure that it will be a wonderful day! Love you guys!

Arah said...

they are so cute. Glad that they are doing so well.
we are blessing Sarah on Sunday also.

Darla said...

Sweet babies! I'd LOVE to be there for the blessing! Too bad Cole starts school the next and Geof. is out of town..dang it! Did I give you my address yet?
21915 NE 150th Ave.
Battle Ground, WA 98604.
love you!

Gary said...

I think that picture could win some contests. Really. Nice work you guys.

Lauri said...

What the CUTE?! I hope I'll be able to make it!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

SOOO cute! how the heck did you get them both to do that "ooo" face?! Adorable!

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

how sweet...we wish we could have been there for the blessing but obviously there was no way we could make it.we really hope to meet those two sweet girls soon though. we miss you guys!

Shelly said...

Sue asked me to contact past BYU 75th ward members and send them this invite. Pass it on to others! Thanks--Shelly

Come join us for a potluck dinner at the Chappell’s and Catch up with old friends!!

2060 S 50 E Orem (Chappell’s home)
Saturday, January 24th @ 6PM

Please bring a side dish and the Chappell’s will provide the main dish and dessert.

We are encouraging no children if possible but please attend regardless if you have a sitter because we would love to see everyone! Of course we expect you to bring your infants!

Call Sue or Carl 636-2552 with questions

julie said...

love the announcement... so cute!! we'll hang it on the fridge with pride. thanks! ;)

Team Bowers said...

The cutest pic I have seen!!!