Sunday, April 19, 2009

does a love of cereal run in the family?

the other day we introduced the girls to rice cereal.  it was pretty hilarious to say the least... avery tried to lap it up like a dog, which made it difficult to actually get the spoon in her mouth since her little tongue kept unintentionally pushing it away.  matilda was a little less interested in the venture.  we would put the spoon up to her mouth and she would make absolutely no attempt to open up and let it in.  once we finally snuck it in there, and she understood that the cereal was for eating, she was a little more keen on the idea.  the girls are now 7 1/2 months old, 4 1/2 months corrected... so we are in no hurry to have them eating solids quite yet... but thought we'd give it a little go so they can get in some good practice before we get serious about it.
matilda making sense of it all..."hmmm open and then EAT...i could get used to this"

avery in a rare moment of actually letting the spoon in
avery trying to snatch the spoon and feed herself
this picture cracks us up... her little lips look cartoonish

tilly and jana

this picture has nothing to do with eating cereal, but it's still a good one.  our favorite aunt jana came out for an easter visit-- we miss you already jana!

p.s. sorry about all the red eye... i need lessons in photo shop...or a better camera.  the girls do have the "deer -in-the-headlights look down however:).


lindsey said...

to avoid red eye (and the deer in headlights look) i try to not use the flash. they look so grown up, eating cereal and bumbo sittin'. i can't wait to get my hands on those two!

LMT said...

They are getting SO big. I can't believe it. I love their facial expressions. How cool is it to be parents? You gotta tell me all about it sometime. hehe