Monday, May 18, 2009

post number 3...

...and we're back! okay, so since jordan was graduating we thought it was high time we took a trip out to california to visit family, and just have fun. usually when we do go out it is a quick weekend trip, jam-packed with events. not this time. we had so much fun just relaxing and taking it easy. we ate at all the yummy "california only" eats, went shopping at h&m (a couple of times, which i should be ashamed to admit but am not), went to the park, and visited with friends and family. what made the trip even more enjoyable was that instead of trying to cram our family of four into mom's already full 3 bedroom house, we were able to stay down the street at a friend's. they happened to be out of town the same days we were there, so we kept the place occupied.
jordan and the girls at the salt flats... we were a little worried about how the girls would do on the long trip, now that they are a little older and more awake... but they were champs!
my brother jesse and wife leah waited for our trip out to bless their little wyatt. i say "little" but he is that chunk in between the girls. yeah, only 3 months old and already a little taller than they are. mmmm....wyatt sandwich....
jordan taking tilly for her first ride on the curly slide...if you look carefully, you can see our whole family in this picture:)
niece afton-- i told her to say cheese and this is what i got...hands posed next to face. she is a riot...meaning the funny kind and sometimes the dangerous kind:) really sweet and tender with the girls however.

babies waiting for mom and dad to get ready for the day.
the last sunday we were there, we celebrated my cousin kurt returning from his mission to argentina. it was so fun to catch up with all of our extended family too. my aunt julie had these mini chairs in the family room.

come back for more posts about our overnighter to sf, and the fun brunch my sister and friend threw for us!


Rebecca said...

Your girls are getting so big!! They are adorable and I'm glad you guys were able to get away and have a nice vacation.

Gary said...

I like the "babies waiting for mom and dad to get ready for the day." picture. The crossed arms give an air of impatience.

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

it was so fun to see you guys-even for a short time. k-i totally love the second to last pic of the girls- struttin' some attitude already! =)

mommy said...

I'm loving the posts / photos, etc. It's like I was there.... :)
Kiss the babes

Emily said...

that picture of Jordan holding both of the girls is so cute, I still can't get over how big they are!