Monday, June 15, 2009

memorial day...

so i realize that memorial day was some time ago... but we have such cute shots of the girls from that day we thought we'd better share. it was a fun, low key day spent with family. we met up with two of jordan's brothers and their families at ikea for free breakfast, and then headed over to the children's discovery gateway museum-- a lot like the exploratorium but smaller. after that we headed to jeremy and emlyn's for a bbq. it was so much fun!
family shot on the second floor
jordan wishing this climbing wall was a little bit bigger and more challenging
they had this really cute indoor farm that you could 'play on'. here's jordan and the girls mounted atop a horse
avery and matilda hanging out in the chicken coop

jordan and avery as news anchors
they had a little station where you could decorate your own hats-- i believe uncle nate made theirs to say baby 1 and baby 2
tilly swinging at the bbq
and avery gets a turn too!


LMT said...

I giggled the whole way through on this post. So cute! Of course I the favorites were the chicas in the chick cubbies. You guys are so funny. I can't wait to meet those girlies.

mommy said...

Very those babes, can I come see you soon?

Marisa said...

Oh my gosh, why are those pictures of your girls in the chicken coop THE most hilarious thing ever? So cute.

Darla said...

those babies are precious. Absolutely beautiful. What a perfecct fam you are. Come visit out east, okay?! You wanna see your mission, right?

Gary said...

I like the picture with the crowns.

Emily said...

so CUTE! i LOVE discovery gateway! The pictures of them in the chicken coup, to die for! so funny. And the shot of Jordan and Avery as news anchors? Looks like Avery is wearing an indian head dress. I had to click to make that one big :) Looks like a lot of fun!!!