Monday, August 10, 2009

old news, new post...

ugh.  i just got finished telling my sister how much i loathe updating my blog with "old news."  but i guess that's what i get for waiting so long.  that, and the chore of having to upload a ba-jillion pictures all at once.  but it's all done in an effort to keep my blog followers satisfied:)  hope it works!
a couple of weeks ago we went to the hogle zoo in slc with aunt leah, aunt emlyn, and cousin millie.  we had a great time checking out all of the animals and the cool exhibits, but i would have to say the highlight of the trip was the yummy lunch we enjoyed in the cool shade:)

the girls and i in front of the huge metal elephant that plays "pop goes the weasel" (sounds like a tuba) and blows air out of his trunk.  
 taking a drink out of the lion's mouth.

that same week my mom and sister chris came out for a short visit.  it was so fun to have them here and to once again experience with them the magic that is j-dawgs.  if you have never been, i feel sorry for you.

the next day mom and i took the girlies to veteran's pool in provo.  they were pretty enthralled with watching everyone splash and play, as you can see.  they LOVE the bath, and this was like the bath times 100, so you can imagine how much they liked playing in the pool--err, you'll have to because i didn't take any pictures once we actually got in the water:)

mom and i also attended our ward temple session saturday morning and hit the provo farmer's market on the way home.  it was a fun time--but extremely hot!  and of course, my mom always brings some sort of treat for the girls when she visits--this time:  these adorable sunglasses from aunt linds.  we had to put them in a place where they wouldn't see them to get the pic.

our girls are growing like crazy!  in addition to sitting, they are rolling, eating pretty much everything we put into their little mouths, jumping like crazy in their jump ups, and our newest goal--teaching them to crawl.  yikes.  i know i will be sorry once they get the hang of it:)


avery in a daze...
the proof that the rolling is out of control... we will put avery to bed in a tight swaddle and then often walk in on this scene...she's so tricky!
the girls enjoying biter biscuits...i.e. sharpening their mini-razors (they each have two on bottom now:)

yes indeed, our girls are getting big and we love them more and more each day.  
oh, and jordan and i are doing well too:)


Kathleen said...

yea - new photos, love them all (except 1 - and you know which one I mean!!) kiss a & m for me....

Geoffrey said...

um..they're so cute, I can't even stand it. Perfect little babies! I still can't believe you have 2!!! How DO you do it?!

Jenna and Chris said...

I swear those girls are bigger than last time I saw them! Thanks so much for helping us with the cleaning and having jordan come help us with loading the truck. We miss you lots!

JEM said...

I should check your blog more often; who knows when I'll appear at the top of a post! We sure love you guys.