Friday, February 19, 2010

our mini-olympics...

every month each of jordan's siblings contribute to a stutz family newsletter aptly named "stutz nutz & botlz." jordan's sister jana then compiles the newsletter and sends one to each household. it is such fun way to journal and keep tabs on everyone else. anyway, jordan wrote this month's for our family and i thought it was pretty clever, so i thought i'd share:

Now that both babies are walking, we are having our own olympic games: Stuff like foot races, climbing, anything toss (including cookies), and an occasional wrestling match. Too bad they are two years early...or late. Unfortunately, OUR games include refereeing, cleaning up said cookies, and scrambling to save babies from falling off couches or down stairs.
Competitors' Stats:
Avery - weight: 20.68 lbs (8.64%) - height: 31.0 in. (42.87%) - head circumference: 18.0 in. (32.62%)
Matilda- weight: 19.53 lbs (2.58%) - height: 29.5 in. (8.52%) - head circumference: 18.25 in. (51.44%)

And the results of the games:

Gold medal for foot races goes to...Avery!
Gold medal for cookie toss goes to... Matilda!
Gold medal for climbing goes to ...Avery!
Gold medal for huge head goes to... Matilda!
And last but not medal for having the cutest twins EVER goes to....Jordan and Maci!

Love to all from Provo 2010


Emily said...

very clever maci! love it. cutest twins ever for sure! you get the gold :)

Nate + Carlee said...

So cute! Sometimes I think Link tries to "luge" in the bathtub...