Thursday, November 3, 2011


despite being a lousy photographer who only took two pictures, we really did have a great halloween weekend. on saturday night we went to our ward's trunk-or-treat, and the girls quickly caught on to the idea of saying-trick-or-treat = candy. jordan stayed at our car to pass out candy while i took the girls through the rest of the parking lot. when we had hit all the cars we began walking back and i said, "c'mon guys, let's go show dad your loot". i probably shouldn't have because the whole way back tilly was yelling "dad, look at my loot!". they are hilarious. on monday night we drove to my mom's for some of her famous chili and other delicious foods. her neighborhood is ideal for trick-or-treating, and it brought back a lot of memories, as that is the same neighborhood i trick-or-treated in as a kid. we had lots of comments on our little cat and dog. we thought the costumes were fitting since they sometimes fight like cats and dogs. my friend chrissie found the kitty costume at a garage sale for a QUARTER! can you believe it? i love garage sales. so that great find kind of determined what the girls would be and we set out to find a puppy costume. i felt a little bad though that tilly's costume was so girly and avery's looked a little boyish--so we dressed it up a little with a pink bow. yes, this halloween was a success. lots of candy and no throwing up on the way home:)


Kazzy said...

Halloween is so much fun with little goblins in the house. Hope you are well. said...

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