Tuesday, November 27, 2012

giving thanks...

We had a wonderful 2012 holiday season!  We kicked it off with Thanksgiving in Folsom since we had plans to celebrate Christmas with our Utah family.  It is always a good time when our family gets together.  Not only do all of the little cousins adore being together, but the siblings do, too!  My brothers and sister are just so hilarious and fun to be around.  To add to our joy, by some miracle my mom was able to convince her brother, my Uncle Rich, to barbecue us a turkey.  You guys.  I wish I could somehow convey the utter deliciousness of this turkey.  It's salt encrusted juiciness is TO. DIE. FOR.  And then you will want to come back to life for another piece.  Seriously.  It's amazing.  Add some delicious side dishes, and we had ourselves a thanks-givers paradise!  We also played some intense games of penny hockey, napped, dressed up as pilgrims, watched silly youtube videos, and played in nana's playhouse.  We like to party.
On our same trip out for Thanksgiving, we also took the kiddos on the Folsom Zoo Train.  The same little train I used to ride as a child.  They loved it just as much as mini-maci did:)

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