Saturday, November 3, 2012

this is halloween...

For Halloween we decided to visit my mom and brother Jesse in Folsom and celebrate there.  It was fun for the kids to reunite with cousins and trick-or-treat together.  My mom has the best neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  Every time we take our kids I always have a "blast from the past" moment, since I spent my childhood years trick-or-treating those same streets with friends and cousins.  We also enjoyed my mom's famous chili that she only makes once a year, on Halloween.  It was definitely worth the drive from Reno for the good food and even better company!
Our girls insisted on going as princesses, which worked out nicely since they had just received the most adorable dress-up for their birthday from a friend!  Jordan went as "Prince Charming" to both;)  Oh, how those girls just love that prince(and so do I!)!  We also had an adorable little hand-me-down puppy costume laying around, that just happened to be the perfect fit for Bubs.  So he went as a puppy, and I went as his mama--so true to life!!  What a fun night we had with our little goblins!

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Dianna said...

I am LOVING all of these posts! Keep them coming! Your family is DARLING!