Thursday, December 20, 2012

early christmas...

December 2012 was a busy month for us!  We made plans to celebrate Christmas in Utah with Jordan's side of the family.  Not only were we looking forward to spending time with them, but we also learned that it would be our last opportunity to celebrate Christmas with Mom and Dad Stutz for a while, as they would soon be leaving for their second LDS mission; this time to Sofia, Bulgaria.
The girls did a great job decorating the the tree and decking the halls:)  They are such holiday enthusiasts and love any excuse to celebrate.  When it comes to decorating--they are your girls!
Since we were trekking to Utah for the holiday, we decided to let the kids open their presents from us/Santa at home so we didn't have to pack them on our way back.  So Santa came while they were in the bath the night before we left on our trip.  It was so hilarious to see their reactions when we told them Santa came while they were busy taking a bath.  They were absolutely thrilled with every gift (there were only 3). But I think their absolute favorite was the secondhand dollhouse we received from a neighbor.  Our girls love imaginative doll-play--girls after my own heart!!  And it's true what they say--Christmas is so much more fun when you have children!

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Kiersten said...

It was fun catching up with your family! Also, my brother served in Sofia. He's been back for almost a year. He loved it (of course). I hope things go well for them!