Sunday, June 30, 2013


My 30th birthday, I would have to say, may have been my favorite birthday yet.  As some of you may know, I was born on my Mom's 30th birthday, making us exactly 30 years apart.  It was kind of crazy to think Mom was delivering a baby on the birthday I had this year!  Have to say that I was glad I was not celebrating my 30th the same way;).
  Most years, we are lucky enough to celebrate together and this year was no exception.  Or rather, it was an exception because this time we went BIG and celebrated in Tahoe.  Celebrating a birthday with the family matriarch has its benefits;)
All of the kids and grandkids stayed in a cabin together in Kings Beach, complete with hot tub, games, and a quick walk to the beach.  We were in heaven!

Being sung too!  Of course in the grand tradition of our joint birthday, we enjoyed cheescake--our very favorite.  We also opened our gifts to each other, which were very thoughtful.  Hence the verge of tears pictures;)


 This really was the perfect trip for all of us, since all our kids are complete beach babies.  Not to mention we are really good at soaking up the sun, laughing and eating snacks.  Yep, it was perfect.

 To add to the fun, our cousin Kurtis (who is a navy seal and lives on the East coast) just happened to be training in Fallon, NV that weekend, so he met up with us for some fun on the beach.  It was so great to catch up with him!  And he made fast friends with all of the kids.  They were fans:)




Yeah, Graham was definitely trying to drink sandy water out of a frisbee, but only succeeding in drenching his shirt each time.:)

 We also took a quick family shot before going to church on Sunday.  It was so weird to think that even though we were attending church 45 min away, up and over the mountains, we were still in our stake!

It was really SO much fun and will not soon be forgotten!  Thanks Mom for a wonderful time!  Love you birthday buddy;)


Priscilla Stutz said...

Hi Maci,
What a great time I had playing with the kids, visiting the beach, and seeing your family together.

We are trying to find the blogspot for us and learn how to use it. Keep the good times roll'n.

Love you all,
MOM:) - Grandma Stutz

mommy said...

So glad you documented this event so well - thanks bb xoxo