Tuesday, December 17, 2013

utah thanksgiving...

We spent Thanksgiving this year in Utah.  We enjoyed sleeping over with cousins, watching copious amounts of phineas and ferb, staying up late talking and laughing, tea-partying with girl cousins, and of course EATING!  The day of Thanksgiving all of the Stutzes (except Mom and Dad of course, who are serving a mission) met at Jeremy and Emlyn's church in SLC.  Jeremy had done his research and traced the Stutz line 12 generations back to Frances Cooke of the Mayflower which was pretty neat to see.  Besides eating some delicious food, we also wrote letters to the missionaries in our family, played games, and enjoyed a family slideshow.  It was a great time!  That evening we traveled to Provo to stay with Lindsey and her crew.  In the few days we were there we stayed played games, and got our family photos taken by my wonderfully talented cousin Arah.  We always have such fun when visiting with family, and we can't wait to do it again soon!!


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