Thursday, October 18, 2012


One nice thing about living in Reno is that, while the mornings and evenings in October are pretty chilly, the afternoons are sunny and warm.  So we still spend much of our time in October outside.  We LOVE it outside!  In addition to going to parks, we had a grand old time this month doing puppet shows at the library, spending a fun afternoon at the local pumpkin patch, visiting Folsom over Halloween, and celebrating our sixth anniversary!  Boy, do I love that man that I married-- and more and more with each new year.  Whenever we celebrate a new anniversary, I think "man, those years have flown...and yet, I also can't remember what it was like to be without him."  Or maybe my brain just doesn't want to because it knew my life before wasn't as full as it is now.  Either way, I am so glad he chose me and that we get to spend eternity together.  Happy 6th birthday to our family!

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