Sunday, September 30, 2012


September was a full, and exciting month for us!  We played outside at parks, made a couple of trips to Folsom to see cousins and attend an Indian wedding (AMAZING), enjoyed the Reno balloon races (ALSO AMAZING--think hundreds of balloons), went to birthday parties, took walks around the temple, and splashed around at splash pads.  I think the most memorable part about this month has been all of the changes that are taking place in Bubs.  This month he pulled himself to standing, noticed and played with his own shadow, started kissing baby dolls, etc.  We love him more and more with every passing moment.  One milestone we wish he would hit is sleeping through the night..(zzzzzzzz)...but he really is the most pleasant baby during the daytime that we can forgive him this one weakness;)  

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